RingCentral Video- The Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

RingCentral Video- The Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

A company will have a lot of meetings in the course of its operations. Besides, the development of technology, the increase in demand for remote work, and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused face-to-face communication to be replaced by video conferencing. In fact, compared to pre-COVID-19 numbers, demand for video conferencing software increased by 500% in April 2020, the early stages of the pandemic.

Furthermore, this video conferencing software for small business industry is predicted to expand at a projected rate (CAGR) of 11.4% from 2021 to 2028, driven by user growth and innovation. great new. This is not surprising given the multitude of advantages that effective video conferencing software can provide to businesses and other small businesses.

The only problem is deciding which video conferencing software for small business to choose for your company when there are so many to choose from. In that situation, RingCentral Video stands out as a shining star worthy of the title The best video conferencing software for small business. In this article, we will give you the background of this software to make it clear why it is so loved.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the growth of the Internet, many businesses are now able to conduct business internationally. However, it is important to keep a close connection in business despite the distance. The workforce must always be pulling in the same direction even if they are remote colleagues who don’t interact often.

RingCentral’s cloud-based video conferencing service helps businesses overcome these new challenges. Team members can communicate and collaborate closely no matter where they are. Remote collaboration solutions are a game changer for modern, progressive companies.

The business is supported by RingCentral’s corporate video conferencing services. They go beyond phone calls, allowing distributed team members to instantly share news and insights. It’s simple to link personal mobile devices and designated meeting spaces. Even if they are not on the same continent, decision-makers can discuss current issues directly.

Compared to previous generations of video conferencing software for small business, modern video conferencing technology offers much more. It goes beyond simple communication thanks to features like screen sharing, file sharing, and the ability to display presentations or whiteboards in real time. Cloud-based video conferencing can provide just about anything you need to streamline communication.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing software for small business allows businesses to be more connected and flexible than before. Face-to-face meetings no longer need to bring everyone together in the same meeting room. Every day of the week, in every country on earth, video communication enables collaboration and communication within teams.

Benefits Of Video Conferencing Software For Small Business

Without the hassle (and expense) of traveling to a live location, video conferencing offers opportunities for collaboration, productivity, and enhanced interaction with colleagues, stakeholders, and consumers.

I could make an entire blog entry about the advantages of video conferencing software for small business, but for now, let’s focus on four things:

  • You can meet and communicate face-to-face with colleagues, potential customers, stakeholders, or customers at a reasonable cost using video conferencing software for small business. It is more intimate and enjoyable than a phone conversation, and significantly less expensive and time-consuming than paying to travel (by car or plane) to meet someone to chat with. direct story.
  • As already mentioned, video conferencing software allows for a closer relationship. The metrics we use to effectively connect with each other on a daily basis — eye contact, facial expressions, and body language — are all lost in phone or email conversations.
  • Since you spend less time running to the boardroom between meetings or driving to see clients, video conferencing software for small business can increase team productivity.
  • Instead of using email or Slack, video conferencing can foster better teamwork. For example, I would invite a colleague to a short Zoom session with me if I knew about a project they’re working on that sounds interesting so we can talk about potential collaboration opportunities. This is much more efficient than emailing about it.

Benefits Of Video Conferencing Software For Small Business

While video conferencing software for small business can be expensive, it can be a challenge to convince management that it’s a worthwhile investment if you work for a small organization with limited capital. . Thankfully, it won’t cost you a fortune to try it out with RingCentral Video.

RingCentral Video- The Best Video Conferencing Software For Small Business


Video conferencing software for small business cloud-based RingCentral Video was created to make it easier for teams to collaborate, share documents, and manage multiple users from a single platform during meetings. Device switching, session recording, voicemail-to-text conversion, screen sharing, and call management are among the features.

Admins can monitor usage, monitor chats or meetings, and check the quality of service using the analytics portal for the program. They can also get instant alerts for problems. In group messaging, hosts can delegate work, schedule recurring meetings, prepare agendas or documents, and send automatic reminders to latecomers. In addition, users can change the screen resolution, check other participants, and talk to a specific person or group.

RingCentral Video allows connection to a number of external platforms, including Canvas, G Suite, Zendesk, and Slack. It comes with iOS and Android mobile apps. Support is provided by phone, chat, and a monthly subscription to the solution.

Features Of RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video features include:

  • Overlay: allows users to create “weather people” visual effects by superimposing their video on top of the content on their screen during virtual presentations to keep viewers interested. In order to steer the message and maintain a visual presence throughout their journey, presenters might interact directly with the content by moving about on the screen. By doing so, the presenter can keep the audience’s interest while allowing them to follow along with the information being provided.
  • Virtual backgrounds for video: Users can upload video clips as virtual backgrounds in addition to static photographs to express themselves creatively during meetings and keep their privacy. Users can retain a professional presence by masking their real backdrops by using backgrounds like a warm fireplace or the crashing waves of the ocean to create a relaxing virtual experience.
  • Personal file holder: Users can create folders to bundle together pertinent teams and conversations for more convenience, effectiveness, and organization.
  • Breakout Spaces: During a video meeting, meeting moderators can rapidly divide attendees into smaller groups for a side conversation or brainstorming. For more engaging and private talks, this tool can create an environment that resembles an in-person group activity.
  • Picture-in-picture: enables users of the RingCentral app to multitask while in a meeting. While taking part in the live video meeting, users can rapidly refer to talks via team messaging through a different window on their screen.
  • Data export for messages: The message data export tool aids administrators in focusing their search criteria, minimizing the amount of data downloaded, and saving time. Companies can export previous messages for compliance requirements thanks to this kind of service.
  • Outside visitor controls: Administrators can choose which users have access to the RingCentral system’s capacity to invite visitors from outside the company. Additionally, administrators can decide whether visitors from outside the company can initiate interactions with employees.
  • Mobile app information hub: Users can now access all of the necessary information in one location, directly from their mobile app, saving them time and enabling them to address problems quickly, even while they are on the road.

Benefits Of RingCentral Video

With the help of RingCentral Video, companies of all sizes can build relationships between employees no matter where they are. Businesses can help their employees be as productive and productive as possible wherever they are by providing easy access and secure video conferencing services. Especially in the age of remote working, this is essential.

Additionally, RingCentral Video is offered as part of a complete unified communications solution, allowing businesses to upgrade their entire communications infrastructure at once. Employees can keep all their paperwork, links, calls, videos, and messages in one place thanks to RingCentral’s truly unified platform.

In addition to just providing basic video conferencing features, RingCentral Video also includes group messaging and corporate phone integration. Here are just a few of the many benefits of watching videos:

  • Simple browser access: Instead of downloading or installing a plugin, users can watch RingCentral Video directly from their browser. This implies that every employee will find it as easy as possible to start attending meetings. When compared to a browser-based solution, downloading apps often causes problems and delays meetings. In addition, RingCentral Video’s browser-based platform supports all the features required by teams, including HD audio and video, cloud-based recording, screen sharing, annotation, and more.
  • One app to do it all: RingCentral Video puts everything your team needs to collaborate and communicate in one convenient location. Companies can improve communication flow by combining video, audio, messaging, file sharing, and more into a single application. Context is the key to better engagement, and RingCentral Video collects all the information from previous conversations in one place. Users can also create groups from the list of call participants, then assign tasks or share notes with them.
  • Simple to integrate: Any company must prioritize collaboration and communication. To prevent productivity problems, it is important for companies to ensure that all the appropriate devices are connected to each other. RingCentral makes it easy to integrate your video experience with other apps you already use, like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and Slack. RingCentral offers over 200 pre-built integrations.
  • Opportunities for rich analysis: You can use the analytics dashboard that comes with RingCentral videos to gain insight into your meetings. Dashboards make it easy to dig deeper into user activities, such as how employees use their video devices and microphones, and the value of screen sharing. These reports also encourage the use of meeting tools and aid in resource planning.
  • Safe and reliable: A high level of security and privacy is what RingCentral ensures their customers will be offered to protect their business conversations. RingCentral’s service is browser-based, so you don’t have to worry about unsafe downloads that could cause problems with employees’ devices. Furthermore, RingCentral leverages Web RTC standards to ensure the best possible browser-based meetings without any security issues. RingCentral Video is also CCPA and GDPR compliant. Security is “mission-critical” for today’s companies. Many people have problems with people getting the information they shouldn’t have and attending meetings at the start of the pandemic. RingCentral gives you the option to password-protect your meeting and keep it active. Plus, you’ll have full control over every aspect of your meeting, including chat participants and whether participants can show the video.

Benefits Of RingCentral Video


With globalization going strong all over the world, video conferencing software for small business appears as a solution to solve all business problems. RingCentral Video with its outstanding features and benefits that you will get when using makes it worthy of being the best video conferencing software for small business today. Besides, the solution packages with reasonable prices are intelligently designed for each need and scale of use. What are you waiting for without equipping this useful software for your business.